Two Minds

For some people who visit Kauai, the most challenging issue is trying to get to do everything there is to do on the island. For others, it involves trying to stay away from activity and just be. Funny, for a place that has the reputation as a place where people go to live to get away from it all, it’s a bit paradoxical. There is so much nothing to do here that it is hard to get to all of it. If you are worried that you might not get what you are looking for, relax. There is plenty of nothing to go around. But be warned. Most of the nothing happens at night.

When telling visitors about Kauai, I start with the premise that everyone loves nature. But nature lovers seem to boil down to two kinds of people. Those who want to get their feet wet (we’ll talk later) and those who love nature but don’t necessarily want to be “in it.” It is not a bad way to be. Those folks just want to watch it from a safe distance. If that sounds like you, I suggest you go to a high end hotel like the Hyatt or St Regis (or one half step down to the Marriott or Sheraton) and just immerse yourself in the rooms, the spas and the views from the hotel. If you are going to spend a lot of time there at least make sure that the comfort is up to your standards. For those who want to win a prize for doing nothing rent a vacation home on one of our beautiful beaches. If you grow tired of being indoors, rent a car and drive around the one highway that circles the island, stopping at beaches you can see from the car and easily accessible restaurants. You can see nearly everything without getting 50 feet from the car. You will have a great time because just being here soothes the soul. If your husband, wife or lover, as the case may be, has an activist view of reality, it might be a good idea to rent two cars if you can or come with another similarly matched couple. Another good alternative is to take a tour bus to various places.

For those immersionists among you, I suggest that you do not allow yourselves to be tied down by those who are of the previous persuasion. There is so much to do outdoors on Kauai that immersionists have to live here to get to it all and even then, it’s a full time job and they generally have to select one or two favorite activities. Sutfing, hiking, helicoptering (please try not to do this- it is a beautiful way to see the island but they badly disturb the hikers) swimming, surfing, boogie boarding, stand up paddling, kite surfing, river rafting, kayaking, outrigger canoeing, biking, ATVing, motor scootering, tennis and i don’t know what all. What I do know is that what makes all of these activities so varied is the change that takes place in conditions of weather, location and other factors.

Now don’t get the idea from what I am writing that one of you is going to have a better time than the other. The trick is not to do everything or to do nothing but to play to what you love, Then let the magic of Kauai heal your bones.