If you have ever visited Hawaii or if you have ever dreamed of visiting Hawaii, watch for Brothers Lovers Gods (looking for a great independent editor) for a delicious taste of the true island flavor. No, it is not a cookbook, but it is hard to write about Hawaii, especially the Garden Island of Kauai without immersing the reader in the senses. The ocean breezes, the local cuisine, the palms, flowers and ocean as well as the struggles with developers from the mainland and the myriad struggles of the protagonist all play a role in this fun filled yet sharp pointed tale.

            The Hawaiian gods are furious with the development and pollution that has occurred on their beloved Kauai and Wakea, head of the God family, so to speak,  decides to take matters into his own powerful hands and wipe the population from the island with a simultaneous tsunami and hurricane. Only the wiles of a long dead kahuna Tutu can save the day. How she orchestrates her plan reveals so much about life on Kauai that you will feel you are there. Visits to real places in the course of the novel enhances the immediacy and by the time you come to the end of the novel, you may find you’ve made a phone call to your travel agent.

When you visit us, please respect the aina (the land) as the locals say. There is much Aloha here, but if you bring some with you, you’ll receive more than you can take home.