Craniosacral Care

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What is Craniosacral Care®?

Craniosacral Care® is a method of sensing where the body is out of balance or blocked and normalizing the fluids and tissues by applying exceedingly gentle touch. Clients often find Craniosacral Care® even more relaxing, more subtle and more therapeutic than massage. 

Whether you have experienced a traumatic episode, are facing a difficult obstacle in life or simply wish to enhance your spiritual connection, David’s Craniosacral Care® will gently and safely assist you to find your way.

As a retired periodontist, a Milne Institute certified Visionary Craniosacral and biodynamic craniosacral practitioner, David combines a strong medical background with sensitive, intuitive perception.

Sit or lie very quietly with your eyes closed.

Allow your body to completely relax.

Notice your breathing as it rises and falls naturally and allow your mind to fall into a peaceful state.

Gently turn your head to one side and notice that even this simple movement is accompanied by corresponding movement in other areas of the body…

You might feel that one shoulder moves ever so slightly or that your lower back shifts or that your eyes move within your head.

This simple exercise demonstrates some of the subtle connections between all areas of the body.

When an individual is stressed or traumatized, those natural relationships between various body parts are disrupted. Because of those disruptions, you may experience pressure, tension, pain and/ or illness.

Craniosacral Care®  is a process that helps re-establish those natural relationships and heal disruptions.