About David

Each of us has a set of qualities that guide us through our lives. One of the secrets of happiness, I believe, is to keep those qualities alive and in balance, so life retains its unique flavor despite constant change.

David Dinner

Although I spent my early years in Scranton, Pennsylvania, my dental education and specialty training took me from Philadelphia to Seattle. As a periodontist I spent 25 years in Reno, NV, learning how to help patients save their teeth with as little discomfort as possible and finally “graduated” and retired.

In the year 2000, I discovered Kauai, HI and began the pleasure of regenerating my life, first with a one year massage training and then with a five year study leading to craniosacral certification with the Milne Institute. In the midst of all that, I added AquaCranial®  and Biodynamic Craniosacral work to my toolbox. Now I use each precious moment to give every client who comes to me my full attention.

In my spare time I swim, play tennis, write and paint. My main claim to tennis fame is that so far, I haven’t injured anyone except myself. I seldom win. I live with my girlfriend Kim and practice Craniosacral Care® just above Kalihiwai Bay.

Among the qualities that I hold dear are service, kindness, gentleness and compassion as well as respect, vitality and, maybe most important, humor. Whether I am providing CranioSacral Care®, painting, writing or enjoying the ocean, I strive to bring those qualities to myself and to others.